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Not to be confused with the Castle (Tower) page

The Castle (Tower) was removed and replaced with this castle. The interior features many red yin and yang banners. The Castle contains many shops and is home to the Bounty Quest which is an excellent source of gralats.

The Castle's contents

The castle's front courtyard features a market which contains a few purchasable items. Notably a few mounts, the Mount Upgrade, and the Gralat Juggles.

Around the back of the castle is the start of the Warp Ring quest.

Inside the castle there are two shops in which you can buy items. The first contains a variety of hats, and the other furniture, including the conveyor which is used in more AFK-able farms.

There is also a wedding chapel inside the castle, it's located east of the fountain.

Arguably the most notable point of interest is the Bounty Quest. It can be started from the room in the far back of the Castle. When finished, it rewards 1000 gralats.

The Castle's dungeon is located east of the entrance. The Bounty Quest can be turned into the dungeon for the reward. Inside the dungeon is also the start of the Square Bomb quest.