GraalOnline Classic Wiki


  • Flag health 150
  • Advantages: If you're able to die in the corridor/hallway you will spawn inside.
  • Disadvantages: Upon death inside the flag area you will spawn in the bridge causing a long run back inside. Due to this if several members die by the time you reach the flag it will most likely be back at full health. I'm knot



Green path: The only path to the top either left or right works. 

Yellow zone: 2-3 attackers should stand their position here and assault any defenders making their way to the flag.

  • Only defend the area if the flag is filled with your teammates also make sure you have indicators turned on so you can easily let your own team members enter.

Red region: If you successfully exit the flag before you are killed ( I recommend exiting at 0.5 health due to defenders wanting to kill you off causing them to chase after you).yes

Flag Zone


Blue path: This is a forward attack to fellow defenders who will most likely be cramming the flag. Find the best spot to counter-attack while also keeping the flag's health low. 

Yellow path(s): These areas are quite fun to use for your advantage think of it as a game of tag. Dodge their swords by going in a 'infinite' sign path or a '3' zig zag movement. Not only will you avoid their hits but they will chase you allowing teammates to attack the flag quickly.

Green zone: This is a reminder that once you are in your 0.5 -1.0 health to exit the flag section in order to spawn inside.

How to not Defend

Outside of flag the only are that should be kept an eye out for is the hallway by the flag entrance. Also one member should check the other rooms for any scouts/guild grouping. keep tower