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Deadwood also known as Bush Town back in 2010, is surrounded by dark fogs and giving you a visual image of the night. This town has a huge expansion history and shrinkage. Now it's survival of the town is based on 2 shops which consist of hats and items and 1 seasonal shop, Club Crypt, opens during the halloween and a the Deadwood Tower, one of the easiest tower to defend and hold. It's famous for an AFK tower.

Deadwood was modified along the history. One of the earliest Deadwood features a rocky mountain filled with bushes at the top, contains many caves that connects through the inner part of the Deadwood. It also has a cave that lead to the mountain that stands next to the Swamp pond. In the inner part of the Deadwood, there was a maze that you can solve to earn a Skeleton Morph. In the inner part of the Deadwood, there was a Deadwood theater, it was hosted by fellow staff members and you could purchase hats inside the theater. It was later closed down and the whole inner part of the deadwood disappeared.

Second modified version featured, a lacking connection of caves filled with baddies. Players lost their easy access to the Swamp town. Deadwood got generally smaller than before.

Third modified version is yet the smallest. Deadwood lost its all caves and mountains are inaccessible to anyone. The reason of change is unknown.





-The Writer (Not Really) FanGhost HeHe