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  • Flag Health 100
  • Advantages: Several bushes located outside the tower. Carrying these inside will give you a defensive advantage providing twice the damage as a sword.
  • Disadvantages: Long walk to the top. Defenders will be blocking the stairs throughout the tower making it hard to get inside the flag. Not recommended for guilds with a low amount of members.


M5KwjpX (1).png

Red path: Avoid getting killed in the stairs by blockers the flag is always crammed so you want to save your health to endure the sword spam.

Blue path: Just a little alternative way to enter only use it if there's several sword spammers (hit them from behind). 

Yellow zones: Once clear of defenders these areas should be blocked with no more than 2 members on each side giving those attacking the flag about 6 extra seconds.

Green region: Go here only if the flag area is too crowded by flag defenders. Below you will see how to push these enemies away from the flag.

  • you will need bombs.

Flag Zone


Blue areas: Avoid getting into these sections you will be trapped and sword spammed by defenders. Aside from that due to the small area the flag has unless you outnumber the opponents (or if you catch them afk) you probably will not be able to obtain this tower.

Green tip: The trick is to use a bomb here once the bomb is tossed it will be returned back to you but it will still cause damage to any defenders blocking/healing the flag. 

  • Due to this section being close to the enemy's spawn point if one of them decided to attack back you will be trapped. Therefore I would not recommend staying here after killing 1 or 2 opponents.


Have several members blocking the stairs throughout the levels starting from top to bottom. 

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