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 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is GraalOnline Classic Wiki? GraalOnline Classic Wiki (GOC Wiki) is a non-profit Wikipedia about the GraalOnline Classic. We try our best to give an easy experience to players by contributing our professional tips and tricks to the Wikipedia. Every bit of informations are accessible to anyone, anybody can contribute to our community.
  2. What is GraalOnline Classic? Read about it here.
  3. How do I contribute to GraalOnline Classic Wiki? You can simply press the edit button in the top right corner. You may contribute anything related to Graal.
  4. What are some Wikipedia rules? They're located here.
  5. What are some GraalOnline rules? They're located here.
  6. What happens if I break a rule? You will either recieve a warning or a temp ban.
  7. What if I discover vandalism or an error? Please feel free to roll back or fix any mistakes or vandalism in our wikia. You do not need a permission for that.
  8. Where can I discuss or recieve help on the game? Post on the discussion page to communicate with the community.