GraalOnline Classic Wiki


  • Flag health: 200
  • Advantages: Pkers willing to help you.
  • Disadvantages: Pkers not willing to help you.



Red Path: Fastest way to the top usually followed by other pkers. Make sure to ignore the pkers in this area since you want to save your health for the flag. 

Green Path: An alternative way to the top. Choose this path only if there is a lot of commotion throughout the red path examples being an afk or a laggy player blocking the stairs. 
Yellow Zones:

  • The top two yellow x's represent the area that is great to stand your attack position towards incoming defenders trying to make their way back to the flag. 80% of the time such defenders will go around you back to the bottom since they want to get inside asap luckily those extra 3-4 seconds could come to your advantage when it comes to the flags health.
  • The bottom yellow x represents the area that should be used to your advantage when it comes to a defender blocking the flag entrance. The trick is to use an arrow towards them this will cause the blocker to be sent back leaving enough space for everyone to rush in.

Flag Zone


Purple path: Should be used whenever the flag's dropping in health significantly -tower low on defenders- & -few pkers present- 

Blue path: When the flag is crowded you want to expand your attack territory this will cause any flag defenders to chase after you allowing a chance for other members to attack the flag.

Yellow zone(s): They represent the area that will give you the upper hand to attack incoming defenders. The moment they enter they will get hit at least once, from there you can chase them while other members keep lowering the flag's health. Only use this section if the flag is packed (either your own members or fellow attackers).


Simply make sure that everyone is active and that the flag is frequently kept healed. Also try to keep a positive K/D ratio from fellow pkrs.