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MoD town is a town located in North west of Graal city. It used to be called Northern Graal city in 2013. After the update has been made, they have moved MoD tower from Master Li's forest to MoD town which is in the North west in the corner of the map. MoD town is filled with rumors about the tent at the west side of MoD town. MoD town has several different places like MoD town cave, it used to be the starting place of the Scarf Quest. Also MoD magical forest at South, where you can buy four different wing hats for a fairly cheap price. MoD Guild Council has all the list of GST winners and Tower achievements in the library section.

The North of Graal City was replaced by MoD town. The Revolution building was moved to the York town and they kept the Police Station but now it's part of the Onnet town.




  • Genna (MoD)
  • Rouge
  • Tania (MoD)
  • Recroom
  • Pheathem (Peacekeepers)
  • Reikøn (Nakama)
  • Heston (Chef)
  • Archie (Chef)
  • PêRrY -=Trainee=- {MoD}
  • Klayton
  • Klayton Jr.
  • Shadow Darkrider
  • King (MoD)
  • Dramonium
  • Sol Bloodvayne (SNC)
  • Door
  • Roxie
  • FuzzButt
  • Nubeh (MoD)
  • Raphael
  • Rubles (Awesome)
  • FLaKe (Guard)
  • Scavenger (RD)
  • Picket
  • Artea
  • Mafukie (Team Graal)
  • Chibi Burry
  • Deeto
  • Sawaa (Nicey)
  • ???
  • Good Dozer
  • Bad Dozer
  • Moon Goddess
  • Bodyguard
  • Bishun
  • Nighthawk
  • H.