GraalOnline Classic Wiki

Player Killing is commonly defined as killing another player.

For a short abbreviation, people call it "PK"

In a war zone, you are allowed to hit another player. There are certain spots that have been disabled from player killing. It's called a peaceful zone, like Graal city.

Player killing and Alignment Points have a close relation to one another. Higher alignment points represent an unaggressive player killer. Low alignment point will represent the opposite.

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To look at your kills you must tap on your character. Your kill amount is displayed on your profile which means it is accessible by anyone.

If you tap on your kills you will see three different categories for PK leaderboard. One for today's leaderboard, the other for this week leaderboard and final one for total amount of PK leaderboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is player killing important?

For most players, it's sort of a representative of your experience and achievements. People with the higher PK get recognized through the PK leaderboard.

What's the difference between PK and BK?

Player kills only increase if you kill an actual online player. Baddy kills increase if you kill a baddy, an enemy NPC.