Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) is a mini game which you can play with other Graalians, and some NPCs that will give you hats or other items if you beat them!

Below is a list of all the NPCs that will play, their location, how much you have to bet, and what prize you get for winning.

Name of NPC Location of NPC Fee to Play Winning Prize
Lufish (King of RPS) Abermose's House 250G RPS Ability
Aster Police Station 300G Police Hat
Jared (Miners Inc) Onnet Rail Caves Entrance 200G Miners Hat
*Raven_X The Summer House 500G Sandwich Hat
No Name York Bay 620G Octo-mad Hat
Lady Azrael's Nightclub 470G Pale Flower
Rick (Chef) Burger Refuge 600G Chef Hat
Disguise Red Barn Cave 620G Mustache Mask
Luna Cathedral Graveyard 700G Moon Mask
Luda Snow Lodge 300G Snow Hat
Paul (Rat King) Rail Cave Tunnel 1000G Rat Hat
Sardon Guard's Room 300G Bling Helmet
NiTe Single Club 200G Break Dance
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