GraalOnline Classic Wiki



  • Flag health 100
  • Advantages: If you have decent pk skills the spike room can be used to benefit the team.
  • Disadvantages: If the team does not work together or prepare before-hand it can be very chaotic throughout the rooms.


Red path: Straightforward route. You want to get passed this hallway as quick as possible. 

Blue areas: Avoid fighting in these sections it's going to cause you to block your own teammates giving the opponents a chance to re-group and block the spike room entrance.

Spike Room


Watch out for the spikes!

Green path: Quickest way into the flag however this is also the route taken by the defenders making their way to the hallway prepare to put your dodging swords and spikes to the test. 

Blue path: An alternative route it has more chances of getting hit by a spike only use it when the green path is blocked or well defended. 

Yellow zones: These are perfect locations to stand your attack towards incoming defenders. You definitely don't want these opponents to enter the hallway with full health since it will slow down your rushed attack significantly. 

Red area: By standing here use it to attack any person blocking the flag entrance. If timed correctly with the spike the sudden attack will cause the person to be pushed away giving enough room for everyone to rush inside.


Have someone guarding the flag entrance and at least 2 persons in the flag. If the coast is clear in the spike room everyone else should push into hallway and defend this area from any players these will be the first to see any sudden guild attacks.