GraalOnline Classic Wiki


  • CWj5oQ0.png
    Flag health 150
  • Advantages: Plenty of room in the flag area. Also plenty of vases to use to your advantage (similar to Deadwood's bush strategy).
  • Disadvantages: Enemy spawns in the water giving them an easy access to quickly relocate and block the stairs ( This is why I personally choose to not kill any chasers after me UNLESS there's plenty of teammates already in the flag).


Yellow path: Unless you wanted to help attack the stairs zone I would rush into the flag.

Blue: Before advancing to the next half of this level make sure to pick up a vase, when you move into the water on your way to the stair it will hit any defender blocking your path this will also help avoid getting sword spammed back into the water.

Red marks: Use these areas to stand your attack towards any incoming defenders this will help immensely to your advantage. 

Cyan tip: If there are any entrance blockers (usually the first time you enter) these are a perfect spot to throw a bomb towards them. Once the bomb detonates it will push them forward leaving enough space for everyone to rush in.

Flag Zone


Yellow path: Make sure to be alert and ready to dodge any attacks once you kill a defender you have about 5 seconds before they make it back to the top. 

Blue areas: Similar to mod this can be used to your advantage by being able to immediately hit any incoming defender.

Purple tip: If the flag is safe from defenders and 3-4 teammates are hitting the flag it is recommended to go back to the last level and attack any incoming opponents.


You only want to have 2-3 teammates defending the flag the rest should be outside no further than the two stairs. 2-3 should be stationed by the flag entrance and the rest by the stairs keeping everyone off and off-limits. Be sure to be active if any sudden attacks come your way since if the stairs are failed to be defended the attackers can easily dominate the stairs to their advantage.